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Classic movie by John Singleton, who also directed The Godfather. This movie is a coming of age tale. Angela Bassett is a single mother, who takes her son to live with his father (Morpheus) in Compton hoping he will have a better life with his father around him. WRONG. 2 out of 4 of his friends end up killed, one is seriously injured, his father turns out to be a Republican, and his mother runs off to Hollywood to become an actress.

Seriously, Angela ends up starring in this low key, straight to dvd film called How Stella Got Her Groove Back, not many people know about that movie. it’s actually not bad. Quick synopsis, it’s about a lady who used to be a ballet dancer, but gave that up to get married and work in the corporate world. Years later, after her divorce, she travels with her best friend to Jamaica (which for whatever reason is where people go to get their grooves back) meets a guy, falls in love and returns to the stage to avenge her youth.

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